13.1 miles of misery

13.1 miles of misery

Why am I doing this?

Well, I just finished my second half marathon. It wasn’t fun. All of my dreams of PRs and easy runs went out the window as soon as I felt the humidity at the start line.

I never got in a groove on this run. The first three miles weren’t bad, but usually I’m golden for miles 4-6, and this time it was a STRUGGLE.

This was the first run in months that I had to deal with humidity. I had gotten so used to running in the cool, humidity-less winter air that I forgot how much harder wet air makes running. It felt like I was running through a swamp.

I was doing “okay” through 8 miles. It was a struggle, but I was making it. I was chugging NUUN like it was my job. I was slogging along and every mile was getting slower. Finally, at mile 9, I just stopped. I couldn’t run anymore.

I had a GIANT, NASTY blister forming on my pinky toe. I couldn’t breathe. I was tired. My neck started hurting. My back was hurting. I sent Leah on her way, since she wasn’tdying as much as I was.

By this time, I was running along the Strip in Myrtle Beach. There was fun and games and roller coasters and seagulls. It started to be fun to just look around.

I was feeling very down on myself for failing. I had a plan, and I wasn’t going to make it. But I literally didn’t know how to quit. I had no idea how I would get back to the finish line unless I finished the race. I knew I just had to keep going.

I mostly walked for the last 4 miles. I still wanted to finish under 3 hours, so there were portions that I ran. I pushed myself to run to the next street sign, the next stop light, just over that last hill.

I found a pack of other people who were pushing to finish. I laughed with them. We made fun of ourselves for paying to do this. We pushed each other. We made snide comments about the very loud person with her obnoxious cheering behind us. Therewere people dressed up like the Knights Who Say Ni, including the coconuts to sound like horses. There were people cheering for us.

I could finally hear the finish line. I saw mile 13. I started running. I crossed the finish line running and smiling at 2:59:04. It was under 3 hours. I finished. I completed 13.1 miles.

Oh yeah. For the medal.

My toe was like 10 times the normal size, and I was sweating through all of my clothes. I was also freezing because the sun decided to disappear. But I finished.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t the race I wanted, but it doesn’t matter. I still went all 13.1 miles and that’s all that matters. I finished.


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