Slogging away…

Slogging away…

Ok, so it’s been a minute. Or a month. Whichever. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. I leave for Alaska one week from TOMORROW!

Once again, I’ve been pretty inconsistent with my running and training. I completely fell off the wagon diet-wise, and gained back almost 10 of the pounds that I lost over the past few months.

Last week, I was all set to get back on track. I already had plans to bring my lunch most days, and only eating out at healthier places. The week started out well, but by

Sometimes you gotta tape an ice pack to your leg and get through the day.

Wednesday, I had pushed too hard and had a minor calf sprain.

I spent Wednesday iced up, and thought I had lost all of my momentum. Nothing makes you want to exercise like not being able to exercise. Of course on Thursday and Friday, I wanted to run, but I knew I had to rest.

On Sunday, I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to go to the Greenway with my sister to run. It was hard getting up earlier on Sunday than I do during the week, but with summer hitting in full force, it was either first thing in the morning or not at all.

My sister’s plan was to go 4 miles, and I wanted to do that too, but I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. Luckily, she was there to push me along. I felt my calf tighten up a few times, but I knew I could keep pushing. I finished all four miles, and I am extremely proud of myself. It was hot and sweaty, but I did it.

Runs like this are so amazing to remind me of what I can accomplish and how far I’ve come. My body can do so much more than I think it can. I am made for more than just sitting on the couch.

I have one more week until vacation, so I have one more week to show how hard I can work. I’m energized to start a new week, and I’m looking forward to see what all it brings.

Sweaty and tired, but I did it!

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